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Denzel’s Medium Daily Dentals

Denzel’s Medium Daily Dentals

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Denzel's healthy, sustainable daily dental chews are lovingly made in Ireland from 100% natural ingredients. No added sugar or nasties whatsoever.
These delicious plant-based dental sticks not only taste great but help to keep your dog's teeth clean, freshen breath and help to maintain your dog's overall gum and oral health. Give your pooch a healthy dental chew every day for the best results.
Made with organic peanut butter, peppermint and parsley, cleaning their teeth never tasted so good. They're also grain and gluten-free, great for those with allergies or sensitivities.

Whatsmore, every vet-approved star-shaped chew contains a small amount of activated charcoal to help keep those gnashers pearly white.

Find 5 x medium-sized healthy dental chews inside every plastic-free pack.

Each vegan chew is approx. 11.5cm long, perfect for dogs between 10kg-20kg.

Once your pup's finished, pop the empty pack in your paper recycling bin. Healthy pooch, healthy planet.

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