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SWAG Fleece Headcollar

SWAG Fleece Headcollar

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Designed to work from the back of the dog’s head so that the neck is not twisted or pulled to the side. In our experience we have found that dogs are much happier with this style. The head collar is also lined with a double layer of fleece to provide a comfortable and calming fit for even the fussiest of dogs.

The SWAG headcollar will not ride up into your dogs eyes.

Small – 55 cm (22″) – 68 cm (27″) Medium – 65 cm (26″) – 78 cm (31″) Large – 75 cm (30″) – 88 cm (35″)

To measure your dog for a head collar you will need either a soft tape measure or a piece of string.Starting from the back of your dogs neck run the tape around the neck under the ear, under and then around the dog’s muzzle and back to the starting point.If you have used a piece of string put it against a tape measure to find your size.

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