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Pop and Ted

Tan Plaid Dog Lead

Tan Plaid Dog Lead

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Crafted with vegan friendly leather, durable polyester and a signature soft padded handle, this lead is both comfortable and sturdy and ready for your next adventure!
- Branded Poppy + Ted signature soft neoprene padded handle.

- Material: Durable polyester print collar with PU Vegan Leather

- Subtle Poppy + Ted embossed branding.

- Removable o-ring feature to clip a matching poop bag holder / poop pal

-  Machine wash on cool inside of a wash bag or pillow case (just to protect your lead from being thrown around your machine).

Easily wipeable between washes to keep it looking it's best!

ONE SIZE: 3/4 inch (approx 2cm) width | 150cm length

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